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Arctic Council Task Force on SLF meeting

Meeting of the Arctic Council's Task Force on Short-Lived Climate Forcers.

The meeting was hosted by the European Environment Agency in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Date Thursday 09-Sep-2010 09:00 to 10-Sep-2010 17:00
VenueEEA Conference Room
Organiser ACC

Background material

 Mailing list (MaillingList) (2010/07/23)
 Hotels in Copenhagen (Hotels) (2010/08/16)
 How to get to the EEA (Directions) (2010/08/17)
 Updated agenda (3 Sept) (new) (2010/09/03)
 Recommendation categories for TF (new doc ) (2010/09/06)
 TF technical report 04Sep10 (new doc2) (2010/09/06)
 1 Introduction (Co-chairs) (2010/10/04)
 2 SLCF AMAP update (Terje Berntsen) (2010/10/04)
 4 GAINS analysis update (Zig Klimont) (2010/10/04)
 5 International methane mitigation (Paul Gunning) (2010/10/04)
 7 Country report Denmark (Jesper Stubkjaer) (2010/10/04)
 8 Country report Greenland (Lone Smith Simonsen and Mette Frost) (2010/10/04)
 9 Country report Finland.pdf (Kaarle J. Kupiainen) (2010/10/04)
 9b Country report Finland policies (Seppo Sarkkinen) (2010/10/04)
 10 Country report Norway (Vigdis Vestreng) (2010/10/04)
 11 Country report Russia (Vladimir Shevchenko) (2010/10/04)
 12 Country report Sweden (Reino Abrahamsson) (2010/10/04)
 13 Country report US (Marcus Sarofim) (2010/10/04)
 14 Focus area On-road off-road diesels (Michael Geller) (2010/10/04)
 15 Focus area Marine shipping (IMO) (2010/10/04)
 16 Focus area Agri burning & Forest fires (Elena Kobets) (2010/10/04)
 Canada country report (not yet available) (2010/10/05)