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COPERT Workshop and Training 2011

The EEA, JRC and ETC/ACM hosted an expert workshop on the COPERT software model used for calculating greenhouse gas and air pollutant emissions from the road transport sector. The workshop was primarily aimed at users and interested potential users of the COPERT software. Further information concerning the event can be obtained by following the link above.

Date Tuesday 14-Jun-2011 13:00 to 15-Jun-2011 21:00
VenueEEA Fontana Room
Occupancy 24 occupied out of 24 available.
Organiser Martin Adams; Catherine Brytygier

Background material

 Mailing list (MaillingList) (2011/03/02)
 Invitation (announcement) (2011/03/08)
 Agenda (draft) (2011/03/08)
 hotels in Copenhagen (hotel) (2011/04/18)
 How to get to the EEA (directions) (2011/04/18)
 COPERT4_Main (Presentation 1) (2011/06/17)
 COPERT versions and recent updates (Presentation 2) (2011/06/17)
 General Methodology (Presentation 3) (2011/06/17)
 Activity Data (Presentation 4) (2011/06/17)
 NOx Emissions (Presentation 5) (2011/06/17)
 GHG Emissions (Presentation 6) (2011/06/17)
 PM Emissions (Presentation 7) (2011/06/17)
 Advanced Characteristics (Presentation 8) (2011/06/17)
 Uncertainty Estimation (Presentation 9) (2011/06/17)
 Outlook and Wishes (Presentation 10) (2011/06/17)
 COPERT 4 software (Presentation 11) (2011/06/17)
 COPERT 4 Quick Start Instructions (Presentation 12) (2011/06/17)
 COPERT 4 versions and recent updates (Presentation 13) (2011/06/17)