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18th EIONET Workshop on Air Quality Assessment and Management

Date Thursday 24-Oct-2013 16:30 to 26-Oct-2013 00:00
VenueDublin, Ireland - Wood Quay Venue
Organiser Silvia Tomasina

Background material

 Mailing list (MaillingList) (2013/07/15)
 EEA Meeting Reimbursement Policy (2013/07/15)
 Legal Entity form (2013/07/15)
 Application form for reimbursement (2013/07/24)
 IPA_Application form for reimbursement (2013/07/24)
 IPA_Seneca ticket and hotel order form (2013/07/24)
 Seneca ticket and hotel order form (2013/07/26)
 Financial ID form (2013/09/02)
 1st_announcement_18th_EIONET_AQ_WS_.doc (1st_announcement_18th_EIONET_AQ_WS_.doc) (2013/09/18)
 2nd_announcement_18th_EIONET_AQ_WS_1.doc (2nd_announcement_18th_EIONET_AQ_WS_1.doc) (2013/09/18)
 18th EIONET_AQ_WS__Draft Agenda.doc (18th EIONET_AQ_WS__Draft Agenda.doc) (2013/09/18)
 3rd_announcement_18th_EIONET_AQ_WS_1.doc (3rd_announcement_18th_EIONET_AQ_WS_1.doc) (2013/10/14)
 18th EIONET_AQ_WS__Draft Agenda_update.doc (18th EIONET_AQ_WS__Draft Agenda_update.doc) (2013/10/14)
 Artur Gsella_Transition to e-reporting and the new process flows at the EEA (2013/10/21)
 Kjetil Torseth_EMEP AirMonTec (2013/10/21)
 Wim Mol_Abstract presentation AQUI (2013/10/21)
 Wim Mol_Abstract demonstration AQUI (2013/10/21)
 Abstract station classification (2013/10/21)
 EIONET AQ WS Dublin_Airport to City Centre.docx (EIONET AQ WS Dublin_Airport to City Centre.docx) (2013/10/21)
 Presentation Oleary - Mooney (2013/10/22)
 Presentation Artur Gsella (2013/10/22)
 Analysis of station classification and network design (2013/10/22)
 Session2_1330a_ImplementationCore_final.pptx (Session2_1330a_ImplementationCore_final.pptx) (2013/10/22)
 Session2_1400_ExperiencePilotGroup_final.pptx (Session2_1400_ExperiencePilotGroup_final.pptx) (2013/10/22)
 SOER 2015 (2013/10/23)
 P_P_tool_Overview_v2.pptx (P_P_tool_Overview_v2.pptx) (2013/10/23)
 final_wrap up_AQ_EIONET_WS_2013.pdf (final_wrap up_AQ_EIONET_WS_2013.pdf) (2013/12/16)