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16th EIONET Workshop on Air Quality Assessment and Management

“With respect to the current review of EU’s air policy, one main objective is to discuss how the EIONET Air Quality Community can help to reduce gaps in implementing air quality legislation. Here we wish with your help to focus on the implementation status in the countries, implementation challenges, good and bad practices. The following topics will be addressed: • Review of the EU air policy by 2013; • Implementation of air quality policy in Europe; • Reports from relevant organisations, networks and projects (WHO, AQUILA, FAIRMODE, GMES Atmosphere Services, relevant Task Forces under the Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution etc.); • Key data (flow) activities, including up-to-date data exchange; annual reporting, including progress in establishing e-reporting.”

Date Wednesday 12-Oct-2011 13:00 to 13-Oct-2011 21:00
Occupancy 65 occupied out of 80 available.
Organiser Anke Lükewille; Dana Bjurner

Background material

 Mailing list (MaillingList) (2011/07/01)
 First announcement (Invitation) (2011/07/27)
 Application_reimbursement (Form1) (2011/07/27)
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 Tram B line (tram B) (2011/08/26)
 Tram C line (tram C) (2011/08/26)
 Link to ETC ACM website (ETC web) (2011/08/26)
 Draft Agenda (agenda) (2011/09/13) (product 1) (2011/09/29) (product 2) (2011/09/29)
 EU Emission inventory Report/LRTAP (Technical report_1) (2011/09/29) (product 3) (2011/09/29) (product 4) (2011/09/29)
 NEC Directive Status Report (Technical report_2) (2011/09/29)
 The Application of Models under EU Air Quality Directive (Technical report_3) (2011/09/29)
 Air Pollution by Ozone / Summer 2010 (Technical report_4) (2011/09/29)
 SOER 2010_Air Pollution (EEA report) (2011/09/29) (product 5) (2011/09/29)
 Abstract_Fairmode (Abstract 1) (2011/10/04)
 Abstract_European Nitrogen Assessment (Abstract 2) (2011/10/04)
 Abstract_Romanian Air Quality (Abstract 3) (2011/10/04)
 Abstract_Traffic Related Air Pollution (Abstract 4) (2011/10/04)
 Abstract_PM2 5 NER (Abstract 5) (2011/10/04)
 Abstract_GMES in_situ (Abstract 6) (2011/10/04)
 Abstract_Near Real Time Data (Abstract 7) (2011/10/04)
 Abstract_Natural Sources PM (Abstract 8) (2011/10/04)
 Abstract_Sea Salt Winter Salting (Abstract 9) (2011/10/04)
 Abstract_E_reporting (Abstract 10) (2011/10/04)
 AQ Maps 2008 (ETCACC report) (2011/10/04)
 The state of air quality 2009 (ETCACM Report) (2011/10/04)
 Evaluation of current limit and target values (ETC_ACM_Report) (2011/10/04)
 Reporting on ambient air quality assessment in the EU Member States, 2009 (abstract 1) (2011/10/07)
 Abstract_Questionnaire_ETC ACM (Abstract 11) (2011/10/07)
 Abstract_Methodology_Montenegro (Abstract_12) (2011/10/07)
 Abstract_French AQ action plans (Abstract_13) (2011/10/07)
 Abstract_EoI (Abstract_14) (2011/10/07)
 Abstract_Air Quality Management in the Ruhr Area (Abstract_15) (2011/10/07)
 Agenda_16th EIONET Workshop on AQ assessment and management (Final_agenda) (2011/10/07)
 PM2_5 NER (abstract_16) (2011/10/10)
 Variogram analyses (abstract_17) (2011/10/10)
 The PM2.5 NER target seen from the Dutch perspective (abstract_18) (2011/10/10)
 List of attendees_16th EIONET workshop (Attendees) (2011/10/11)
 PRESENTATIONS (link to ETC ACM website) (2011/11/04)
 Draft Conclusions 16 AQ WS (conclusions) (2011/11/29)