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EIONET meeting on Transport and Environment

Date Friday 24-May-2013 17:00 to 01:00
VenueEEA Conference Room
Organiser Alfredo Sanchez Vicente

Background material

 Mailing list (MaillingList) (2013/04/04)
 EEA Reimbursement Policy (2013/04/04)
 Application form for reimbursement of expenses (2013/04/04)
 Application form for reimbursement IPA (2013/04/04)
 Seneca ticket and hotel order form IPA (2013/04/04)
 Seneca ticket and hotel order form (2013/04/04)
 Legal Entity form - Individual (2013/04/04)
 Legal Entity form - Private Company (2013/04/04)
 Legal Entity form - Public (2013/04/04)
 Financial ID form (2013/04/04)
 Hotels in Copenhagen (2013/04/04)
 01- Air Implementation Pilot, Alberto Gonzalez Ortiz (2013/06/06)
 02- Sustainable Urban Mobility, Jens Schippl (2013/06/06)
 03- Sustainable Urban Distribution, Chris Rowland (2013/06/06)
 04- Presentation UMP, Isabelle Maes (2013/06/06)
 05- TERM2013-proposed outline, Alfredo Sanchez Vicente (2013/06/06)
 06- National Cycling Policies, Hans Nijland (2013/06/06)
 07- Policy Measures to reduce congestion in Copenhagen, Susanne Krawack (2013/06/06)
 08- Low Emission Zones Policy, the example of Berlin, Martin Lambrecht (2013/06/06)
 09- International Shipping Impacts, John Van Aardenne (2013/06/06)
 10- Monitoring of CO2 emissions from new cars and vans, Cinzia Pastorello (2013/06/06)
 11- Adaptation to climate change in the transport sector, Birgit Georgi (2013/06/06)
 EIONET Workshop minutes (2013/06/06)
 AGENDA EIONET Workshop on Transport and Environment (2013/06/06)