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17th EIONET Air Quality workshop

The main focus this year will be the implementation and the review of the European Union’s air quality legislation. The Commission Implementing Decision of 12 December 2011 lays down the rules for Directives 2004/107/EC and 2008/50/EC. One main objective of the workshop is to inform the EIONET Air Quality Community about the progress and experiences with a new electronic (e-reporting) system to report measured and modelled air quality data. The Commission has established a group of countries to support the transition to the new e-reporting system, which is under development at EEA and involves in 2012 15 EU Member States in a pilot testing phase ( The other main focus of the workshop is the implementation of the EU air quality legislation on the local level (cities). In June 2011, Commissioner Potočnik invited the European Commission’s Directorate General for Environment (DG ENV) and the EEA to explore an enhanced EEA role in support of EU environment policy implementation, by way of pilots on air and waste. The so-called Air Implementation Pilot has subsequently been established, a joint DG ENV and EEA project. At the workshop we wish to inform the Community about the status of the project and discuss first results of the initiative (

Date Thursday 25-Oct-2012 08:30 to 27-Oct-2012 17:00
Occupancy 71 occupied out of 80 available.
Organiser Anke Lükewille; Dana Bjurner

Background material

 Mailing list (MaillingList) (2012/07/02)
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 Seneca ticket and hotel order (Travel order form) (2012/08/21)
 Seneca ticket and hotel order_IPA (Travel order form_IPA) (2012/08/21) (Air quality in Europe 2012 report ) (2012/10/11) (Particulate matter from natural sources and related reporting under the EU Air Quality Directive in 2008 and 2009 ) (2012/10/11) (Air pollution by ozone across Europe during summer 2011 ) (2012/10/11) (NEC Directive status report 2011 ) (2012/10/11) (EEA real time map of air quality in Europe) (2012/10/11) (Eye on Earth AirWatch) (2012/10/11)
 04_Abstract_NECD_Assessment_Luekewille_Adams.pdf (04_Abstract_NECD_Assessment_Luekewille_Adams.pdf) (2012/10/11)
 07_Abstract_dev_e-rep_TBush.pdf (07_Abstract_dev_e-rep_TBush.pdf) (2012/10/11)
 08_Abstract_e-rep_experienceUK_Connolly.pdf (08_Abstract_e-rep_experienceUK_Connolly.pdf) (2012/10/11)
 10_Abstract_e-rep_DE_AQ_SFeigenspan.pdf (10_Abstract_e-rep_DE_AQ_SFeigenspan.pdf) (2012/10/11)
 16_Abstract_WHO_M-EHeroux.pdf (16_Abstract_WHO_M-EHeroux.pdf) (2012/10/11)
 17_Abstract_Krejci_CZ-PLborderAQinfosystem.pdf (17_Abstract_Krejci_CZ-PLborderAQinfosystem.pdf) (2012/10/11)
 18_Abstract_SOR2012_prelim_results_Cernikovsky.pdf (18_Abstract_SOR2012_prelim_results_Cernikovsky.pdf) (2012/10/11)
 22_Abstract_NO2_TX_conclusions_Spangl.pdf (22_Abstract_NO2_TX_conclusions_Spangl.pdf) (2012/10/11)
 FAIRMODE website (2012/10/19)
 final FAIRMODE Recommendations to the Air Policy Review process (2012/10/19)
 NEC Assessment EEA Technical report (2012/10/19)
 NO2 exceedances, projections, measures – conclusions from „time extension“ (NO2_TX_v03.pptx) (2012/10/19)
 AGENDA (2012/10/22)
 Welcome, scope and goal of the workshop, Aphrodite Mourelatou (EEA, Head Air Quality and Noise Group) (Presentation_1) (2012/11/09)
 Air policy review: latest developments, Daniela Buzica (DG ENV) (Presentation_2) (2012/11/09)
 Evaluation of progress under the EU National Emission Ceilings Directive with focus on the AQ objectives, Anke Lükewille (EEA) (Presentation_3) (2012/11/09)
 AQUILA and FAIRMODE networks – latest developments and input to the air policy review process, Stefano Galmarini (JRC) (Presentation_4) (2012/11/09)
 Commission Implementing Decision and the two air quality reporting pilots, Daniela Buzica (DG ENV) (Presentation_5) (2012/11/09)
 Progress of work in developing e-reporting, Tony Bush (ETC/ACM, AEA T) (Presentation_6) (2012/11/09)
 Country experience – example UK, Emily Connolly (DEFRA, UK) (Presentation_7) (2012/11/09)
 Country experience – example The Netherlands, Hans Berkhout (RIVM, Netherlands) (Presentation_8) (2012/11/09)
 Country experience – example Germany, Stefan Feigenspan (UBA Germany) (Presentation_9) (2012/11/09)
 A complementary way of classifying measurement stations – methodology and first results, Laurence Rouil (ETC/ACM, INERIS) (Presentation_10) (2012/11/09)
 Air quality in Europe - recent assessments, Valentin Foltescu (EEA) (Presentation_11) (2012/11/09)
 Black Carbon and particle number concentration measurements in EU urban networks, Mar Viana (ETC/ACM, CSIC) (Presentation_12) (2012/11/09)
 New information on Air Pollution health effects, and the WHO work in support of the review of Air Quality Directives, Marie-Eve Héroux (WHO) (Presentation_13) (2012/11/09)
 Air quality information system in the Czech-Polish border area, Blanka Krejci (CHMI, Czech Republic (Presenation_14) (2012/11/09)
 NO2 hot-spots and measures for local NOx (NO2) abatement based on time Extension Notifications (for AQD Art. 22), Wolfgang Spangl (Presentation_15) (2012/11/09)
 Air pollution by ozone in Europe during the summer 2012 and comparison with previous years, Libor Černikovský (Presentation_16) (2012/11/09)
 Summer ozone reporting through UTD, Jaume Targa (ETC/ACM, 4Sfera) (Presentation_17) (2012/11/09)
 Exchange of Information (EoI) and Air Quality Questionnaire - current status of data reporting, Wim Mol (ETC/ACM, RIVM) (Presentation_18) (2012/11/09)
 Assessing the (i) Emission inventories at the local level, (ii) Modelling activities, (iii) Monitoring station density and location, (iv) Air quality trends, (v) Public information practices, Alberto González Ortiz (EEA) (Presentation_19) (2012/11/09)
 Workshop wrap up (Anke Lükewille (EEA) and Cristina Guerreiro (ETC/ACM, NILU)) (Presentation_20) (2012/11/09)
 Draft Wrap-up (DRAFT_wrap_up_AQ_EIONET_WS_2012.docx) (2012/11/23)