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GMES services and emission inventories workshop

Date Monday 10-Oct-2011 09:00 to 11-Oct-2011 17:00
VenueEEA Conference Room
Organiser John Van Aardenne; Catherine R. Brytygier

Background material

 Mailing list (MaillingList) (2011/09/08)
 Hotels in Copenhagen (Hotels) (2011/03/03)
 How to get to the EEA (Directions) (2011/03/03)
 Questionnaire (Link) (2011/05/26)
 Agenda (Programme final) (2011/10/05)
 Link to the ETC ACM website (website) (2011/10/14)
 Overview of GMES activities, Michael Rohn (DG Enterprise and Industry, GMES Bureau) (presentation 2) (2011/10/18)
 GMES in-situ data, Tim Haigh (EEA) (presentation 3) (2011/10/18)
 GMES satellite data: The possible usage of satellite measurements to improve emission inventories - the ESA Globemission project, John van Aardenne (EEA; on behalf of Claus Zehner (ESA)) (presentation 4) (2011/10/18)
 MACC project and the GMES atmosphere services, Vincent Henri Peuch (ECMWF) (presentation 5) (2011/10/18)
 Use and development of emission inventory for research projects, Claire Granier (LATMOS, FR) (presentation 6) (2011/10/18)
 How has GMES services implementation changed the work on emission inventories (Requirements on emission inventory data), Leonor Tarrason (NILU, NO; ETC/ACM) (presentation 7) (2011/10/18)
 MACC inventory, Hugo Denier van der Gon (TNO, NL) (presentation 8) (2011/10/18)
 Downscaling issues: City modelling/city inventories, Julio Lumbreras Martín (Univ. Politécnica de Madrid) (presentation 9) (2011/10/18)
 Atmospheric Emission Modelling: From Inventories to Air Quality Model Grids, Nele Veldeman (Vito, BE) (presentation 10) (2011/10/18)
 Impact of various emission inventories on modelling results; impact on the use of the GMES products, Laurence Rouïl (INERIS, FR; ETC/ACM) (presentation 11) (2011/10/18)
 Overview of official national inventory data and requirements on spatial and temporal allocation, Martin Adams (EEA, co-chair TFEIP) (presentation 12) (2011/10/18)
 How official national inventory data is used as input to EMEP is models (gridded, temporal, speciation), Robert WankMueller (EMEP CEIP) (presentation 13) (2011/10/18)
 Comparison of E-PRTR spatial allocation of diffuse emissions sources with high resolution national emission inventories; example The Netherlands, Wim van der Maas (RIVM, NL) (presentation 14) (2011/10/18)
 High resolution emission mapping in the UK linked to national reporting, Ioannis Tsagatakis (AEA, UK) (presentation 15) (2011/10/18)
 F-gases emissions through inverse modelling, Stefan Reimann (EMPA, CH) (presentation 16) (2011/10/18)
 Anthropogenic CO2 emissions through inverse modelling, Frédéric Chevallier (LSCE/IPSL, FR) (presentation 17) (2011/10/18)
 Air Pollutant and greenhouse emissions via inverse modelling, the UK experience, Alistair Manning (UK Metoffice) (presentation 18) (2011/10/18)
 Forest fire NRT emissions, Johannes Kaiser (ECMWF, UK) (presentation 19) (2011/10/18)
 Emissions of crustal material in air quality forecast systems: Use of satellite observations, Laurent Menut (IPSL/LMD, FR) (presentation 20) (2011/10/18)
 Trends in ship NOx emissions observed from space, Folkert Boersma (KNMI, NL) (presentation 21) (2011/10/18)
 WORKSHOP REPORT (Draft for comments) (2011/11/30)
 Word version WORKSHOP Report (Draft report) (2011/11/30)