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NRC Information Systems Workshop: SOER2010 Part C and SEIS

Date Tuesday 29-Sep-2009 09:00 to 17:00
VenueNordic Council of Ministers, St. Strandstræde 18, 1255 Copenhagen K
Occupancy 41 occupied out of 75 available.
Organiser Charlotte Andersen

Background material

 Mailing list (MaillingList) (2009/10/02)
 Travel and reimbusement documents (Eionet password required) (IS2009T) (2009/08/14)
 Agendia: SOER2010 Part C and SEIS (AgendaNRCIS_29Sep2009_SOER2010_SEIS) (2009/09/28)
 SoER part C - SENSE RDF/XML Feed specification (SOERFeedSpec) (2009/09/28)
 More documents on circa (Eionet password required) (IS2009Tcirca) (2009/09/30)
 SOER 2010 overall report, introduction, by Milan Chrenko (SOER2010 Part C_NRC IS0909.pdf) (2009/09/30)
 SOER makes SENSE, presentation by Antonio De Marinis (SOER_MAKES_SENSE.pdf) (2009/09/30)
 EEA IT developments overview, by Jan Bliki (OSE3 Developments.pdf) (2009/09/30)
 Plan for SEIS and Reportnet, by Søren Roug (Plans for SEIS and Reportnet 2010.pdf) (2009/09/30)