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EIONET Meeting on Transport and Environment

Date Monday 12-Sep-2011 12:30 to 13-Sep-2011 13:30
VenueEEA Fontana Room
Organiser Alfredo Sanchez Vicente / Silvia Tomasina

Background material

 Mailing list (MaillingList) (2011/07/07)
 How to get to the EEA (directions) (2011/07/07)
 Hotels in Copenhagen (hotel) (2011/07/07)
 Agenda (2011/07/13)
 Bank ID form (2011/07/27)
 Seneca ticket order form (2011/07/28)
 Christian Hewicker_Roadmap 2050 (EOINET).pdf (Christian Hewicker_Roadmap 2050 (EOINET).pdf) (2011/09/22)
 Bettina Kampman_CE Delft presentation at EEA 13 sept 2011.pdf (Bettina Kampman_CE Delft presentation at EEA 13 sept 2011.pdf) (2011/09/22)
 Alfredo Sanchez_Policy Developments 12 Sept.pdf (Alfredo Sanchez_Policy Developments 12 Sept.pdf) (2011/09/22)
 Alfredo Sanchez_TERM 2011 - 12 Sept.pdf (Alfredo Sanchez_TERM 2011 - 12 Sept.pdf) (2011/09/22)
 Duncan Kay_EIONET TERM2011 presentation.pdf (Duncan Kay_EIONET TERM2011 presentation.pdf) (2011/09/22)
 Cinzia Pastorello_Regulation.pdf (Cinzia Pastorello_Regulation.pdf) (2011/09/22)
 Cinzia Pastorello_CP7.pdf (Cinzia Pastorello_CP7.pdf) (2011/09/22)