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EIONET Meeting on Transport & Environment

Date Thursday 14-Jun-2012 10:00 to 16:00
VenueEEA Conference Room
Organiser Silvia Tomasina

Background material

 Mailing list (MaillingList) (2012/04/16)
 EEA Reimbursement Policy (1.2. EEA Meeting Reimbursment policy.docx) (2012/04/19)
 How to get to the EEA (directions.pdf) (2012/04/19)
 Hotels in Copenhagen (Hotels.doc) (2012/04/19)
 Application for reimbursement of expenses (Form 1.doc) (2012/04/19)
 Application for reimbursement IPA (Form 2.doc) (2012/04/19)
 Ticket order (Seneca ticket and hotel order form.doc) (2012/04/19)
 Ticket order IPA (Seneca ticket and hotel order form IPA.doc) (2012/04/19)
 Bank Identification (1.3. Financial identification form.xls) (2012/04/19)
 evaluation form transport and environment 2012.doc (evaluation form transport and environment 2012.doc) (2012/05/25)
 Transport and Env_EIONET_workshop_Draft_agenda_05_June 2012.doc (Transport and Env_EIONET_workshop_Draft_agenda_05_June 2012.doc) (2012/06/05)
 Cinzia Pastorello_CO2 emissions of new passenger cars and vans (CPA_eionet_2012.pdf) (2012/06/21)
  André Jol_Information on climate change impacts, vulnerability and adaptation and transport (EEA_CCIVA_transport short.pdf) (2012/06/21)
 Stephan Leinert_The impact of CO2 reducing tax policies on NOX emissions from passenger cars (einoet-eea-2012-06-14-nox-leinert-s.pdf) (2012/06/21)
 Alfredo Sánchez Vicente_TERM (TERM 2012 EIONET presentation 14 June 2012.pdf) (2012/06/21)
 Caroline De Geest_CO2-emissions of new passenger cars in Belgium (EEA_EIONET_Transport_Belgium.pdf) (2012/06/21)