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EIONET ESD review stocktaking workshop & WG I –under the Climate Change Committee

The focus of the EIONET workshop ‘ESD review stocktaking’ is to share experiences concerning the detailed EU internal review of GHG emission inventories that was undertaken in 2012. The workshop is followed by a meeting of Working Group 1 ‘Annual inventories’ under the EU Climate Change Committee. Both workshops are for official country representatives only.

Date Monday 22-Oct-2012 10:00 to 23-Oct-2012 20:00
VenueEEA Conference Room
Organiser EEA & European Commission

Background material

 Mailing list (MaillingList) (2012/09/13)
 ESD EIONET workshop (Invitation) (2012/09/25)
 ESD EIONET workshop agenda (draft) (2012/09/25)
 Directions to EEA (Travel directions) (2012/09/25)
 Hotels (Copenhagen) (2012/09/25)
 1_EEA ESD_review_stocktaking_workshop (Introduction) (2012/11/13)
 2_ESD implementation update and MMR (DG CLIMA) (2012/11/13)
 3_Overview ESD review results (overview) (2012/11/13)
 4_MS questionnaire (feedback) (2012/11/13)
 5_ MS presentation (Slovakia) (2012/11/13)
 6_ MS presentation (Greece) (2012/11/13)
 7_ MS presentation (Germany) (2012/11/13)
 8a_EEA - potential future review arrangements (EEA) (2012/11/13)
 8b_TERT - potential future review arrangements (TERT) (2012/11/13)
 9_ESD_stock-taking_wrap-up (Conclusions) (2012/11/13)