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Attendees list for Workshop on Climate Change Impacts, Vulnerability and Adaptation

Occupied seats
Nr. Name Attending Role
1 Ardita Cakaj Yes Attendee
2 Bernarda Rozman Yes Attendee
3 Dragan Gjorgjev Yes Attendee
4 Enkeleda Shkurta Yes Attendee
5 Lidija Srnec Yes Attendee
6 Ndriçim Mustafa Yes Attendee
7 Pece Ristevski Yes Attendee
8 Pier Carlo Sandei Yes Attendee
9 Sabit Restelica Yes Attendee
10 Vladan Å Ä‡ekić Yes Attendee

Waiting list
Nr. Name Attending Role
1 Juerg Staudenmann Tentative Attendee