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Workshop “Towards a better visibility of low-noise outdoor machinery”

In the frame of the Belgian presidency the Belgian ministry of Environment will hold in collaboration with the European Commission a workshop “Towards a low-noise outdoor machinery”. The goal of the workshop is to discuss ways for further developing a market of low-noise outdoor machinery. The workshop will take place in Brussels on 29th October, 2010.

Environmental noise is today one of the most important policy areas. Outdoor machinery, such as garden equipment, municipal equipment, construction machinery, is one of the sources of noise in the environment.

The noise emissions of the outdoor machinery are regulated by the European directive 2000/14/EC. This directive lays down minimal requirements (such as noise marking, noise emission limis) for outdoor machinery to be complied with when put on the European market. It represents a conventional (“command-and-control”) regulatory approach. The purpose of the workshop is to discuss additional policy instruments, in order to develop a market of low-noise machinery. The focus will be set on market-based policy instruments.

During the workshop following questions will be discussed:

The workshop will help to trigger information exchange between different policy areas and to start a dialog between decision makers, manufacturers and consumers to enhance environmental commitment in relation to outdoor machinery.

Participation is free of charge. Registration is necessary. Please fill in the registration form.

Date Friday 2010/10/29 09:00 to 17:00
Type Meeting
Organiser Belgian Ministry of Environment/European Commission