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Reportnet within SEIS

Within the context of the recent discussions about the implementation of a shared environmental information system for Europe (SEIS), further enhancement of the Reportnet tools is needed to better support legal compliance as well as state of the environment reporting.

The European Commission is planning to publish a Communication by the end of 2007 to make the case for SEIS as the overall political and conceptual framework into which relevant existing activities and new initiatives (i.e. INSPIRE, GMES, i2010) will fit for improving data sharing and access to environmental information. Increased use of reporting tools such as Reportnet will be promoted. Reportnet tools were initially used for reporting environmental data to EEA, but is now also hosting more national reporting as well as Commission's environmental reporting information.

Last technical discussion around Reportnet developments with Eionet i.e. NRCs on Information Systems took place in 2005in Brno (

Date Tuesday 09-Oct-2007 13:30 to 10-Oct-2007 12:30
Type Conference
Venue EEA Conference Room
Organiser EEA

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 Work conference documents (2007/10/04)