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Message WISE GIS / IT workshop   0
Message Draft agend WISE GIS / IT workshop   0
Message Agenda link now public   0
Message WISE GIS IT workshop --- Information material related to agenda item “WISE GIS guidance” on Wednesday, January 16th   0
Message WISE GIS/IT meeting - Dublin Logistics   0
Message logistics correction - Dublin workshop - the meeting room name is ERIN not Eiran   0
Message Follow up No 1 on WISE GIS / IT meeting in Dublin   0
Message GIS guidance library - now with public link   0
Message WISE GIS/IT workshop - Meeting minutes and WIKI for GIS guidance now available   0
Message Comments on WISE GIS Guidance   0
Message WISE GIS WS 2009   0
Message WISE WS 2009 - message part2 - registration is open   0