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Definition: *
That shell or layer of the Earth in which soil-forming processes occur.
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  toprak prosesi
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LITOSFER (toprak, jeolojik süreçler)
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UMTHES: Pedosphäre
Arabic: قشرة التربة
Basque: pedosfera
Bulgarian: Педосфера
Catalan: pedosfera
Chinese: 土壤圈
Croatian: pedosfera
Czech: pedosféra
Danish: pedosfære
Dutch: pedosfeer
English: pedosphere
English (US): pedosphere
Estonian: pedosfäär
Finnish: maaperä
French: pédosphère
German: Pedosphäre
Greek: πεδόσφαιρα
Hungarian: pedoszféra
Irish: peidisféar
Italian: pedosfera
Latvian: pedosfēra
Lithuanian: pedosfera
Maltese: pedosfera
Norwegian: pedosfære
Polish: pedosfera
Portuguese: pedosfera
Romanian: pedosferă
Russian: педосфера
Slovak: pedosféra
Slovenian: pedosfera
Spanish: pedosfera
Swedish: pedosfär
Ukrainian: педосфера
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