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تخييم - إقامة معسكر أو مخيم

Definition: *
Guarded area equipped with sanitary facilities where holiday-makers may pitch a tent and camp by paying a daily rate.
* Note: Definition is not available for the current language
broader terms
نشاط ترويحي
Scope note:
scope note is not available
ترويح، سياحة
جوانب اجتماعية، سكان
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AGROVOC: Camping
EuroVoc: camping
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UMTHES: Camping
Basque: kanpin
Bulgarian: Къмпинг
Catalan: càmping
Chinese: 野营地
Croatian: kamp
Czech: táboření
Danish: camping
Dutch: kamperen
English: camping
English (US): camping
Estonian: telkimine
Finnish: leirintäalue
French: camping
German: Camping
Greek: κατασκήνωση
Hungarian: táborozás
Irish: campáil
Italian: campeggio (attività)
Latvian: kempings
Lithuanian: kempingas
Maltese: ikkampjar
Norwegian: camping
Polish: kemping
Portuguese: campismo
Romanian: camping
Russian: кемпинг
Slovak: táborenie
Slovenian: kamp
Spanish: camping
Swedish: camping
Turkish: kamp alanı
Ukrainian: кемпінг
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