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atmospheric correction

The removal from the remotely sensed data of the atmospheric effects caused by the scattering and absorption of sunlight by particles; the removal of these effects improves not only the quality of the observed earth surface imaging but also the accuracy of classification of the ground objects. (Source: YOUNG)
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GIS digital technique
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Atmospheric correction
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UMTHES: Atmosphärische Korrektur
Arabic: التصحيح الجوي
Basque: zuzenketa atmosferiko
Bulgarian: Атмосферна корекция
Catalan: correcció atmosfèrica
Chinese: 大气纠正
Czech: korekce atmosférická
Danish: atmosfærisk korrektion
Dutch: atmosferische correctie
English (US): atmospheric correction
Estonian: atmosfäärikorrektsioon
Finnish: ilmakehän palauttaminen ennalleen
French: correction atmosphérique
German: Atmosphärische Korrektur
Greek: ατμοσφαιρική διόρθωση
Hungarian: légköri javítás
Irish: ceartúchán an atmaisféir
Italian: correzione atmosferica
Latvian: atmosfēras korekcija
Lithuanian: atmosferinė korekcija
Maltese: korrezzjoni atmosferika
Norwegian: atmosfærisk korreksjon
Polish: korekcja atmosferyczna
Portuguese: correcção atmosférica
Romanian: corecţie atmosferică
Russian: поправки на атмосферу
Slovak: atmosferická korekcia
Slovenian: atmosferski popravek
Spanish: corrección atmosférica
Swedish: atmosfärisk korrektion
Turkish: atmosferik düzeltme
Ukrainian: поправки на атмосферу
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