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crop protection

The problem of crop protection has changed dramatically since 1945. There is now a whole arsenal of chemicals with which to combat agricultural pests and diseases, but this development has itself many drawbacks. Such sophisticated techniques are available only to a minority of farmers; in most parts of the world the standard of crop protection remains abysmally low. In addition, modern crop protection methods have been criticized for relying too heavily on chemical control. Biological controls, both natural and contrived, have been neglected. In some cases involving misuse of agricultural chemicals, crops must be protected from the very measures intended for their protection. Meanwhile previously localized pests and diseases continue to spread worldwide. (Source: WPR)
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pest control
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phytosanitary treatment
  plant disease
  plant protection product
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EuroVoc: destruction of crops
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Crop protection
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UMTHES: Pflanzenschutz
Arabic: حمايةالمحاصيل
Basque: laboreen babes
Bulgarian: Опазване на реколтата
Catalan: protecció de les collites
Chinese: 农作物保护
Croatian: zaštita bilja
Czech: ochrana sklizně
Danish: afgrødebeskyttelse
Dutch: gewasbescherming
English (US): crop protection
Estonian: taimekaitse
Finnish: kasvinsuojelu
French: protection des cultures
German: Pflanzenschutz
Greek: προστασία των καλλιεργειών
Hungarian: termésvédelem
Irish: cosaint na mbarr
Italian: protezione delle colture
Latvian: laukaugu aizsardzība
Lithuanian: pasėlių apsauga
Maltese: protezzjoni tal-għelejjel
Norwegian: avlingsvern
Polish: ochrona zasiewów
Portuguese: protecção das culturas
Romanian: protecţia recoltei
Russian: защита посевов
Slovak: ochrana rastlín
Slovenian: zaščita pridelka
Spanish: protección de cosechas
Swedish: växtskydd
Turkish: ekinlerin korunması
Ukrainian: захист посівів
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