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air movement

Air movements within the Earth's atmospheric circulation; also called planetary winds. Two main components are recognized: first, the latitudinal meridional component due to the Coriolis force (a deflecting motion or force discussed by G.G. de Coriolis in 1835. The rotation of the Earth causes a body moving across its surface to be deflected to the right in the N hemisphere and to the left in the S hemisphere); and secondly, the longitudinal component and the vertical movement, resulting largely from varying pressure distributions due to differential heating and cooling of the Earth's surface. (Source: WHIT)
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atmospheric process
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ATMOSPHERE (air, climate)
natural dynamics
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UMTHES: Luftbewegung
Arabic: حركة الهواء
Basque: airearen mugimendu
Bulgarian: Движение на въздуха
Catalan: moviment de l'aire
Chinese: 空气流动
Croatian: gibanje zraka
Czech: proudění vzduchu
Danish: lufttransport
Dutch: luchtbeweging
English (US): air movement
Estonian: õhu liikumine
Finnish: ilman liikkeet
French: mouvement planétaire des masses d'air
German: Luftbewegung
Greek: κίνηση αερίων μαζών
Hungarian: légmozgás
Irish: gluaiseacht aeir
Italian: movimento dell'aria
Latvian: gaisa kustība
Lithuanian: oro judėjimas
Maltese: moviment tal-arja
Norwegian: luftbevegelse
Polish: ruch powietrza
Portuguese: movimentos atmosféricos
Romanian: mişcări ale aerului
Russian: движение воздуха
Slovak: prúdenie vzduchu
Slovenian: gibanje zraka
Spanish: movimiento del aire
Swedish: lufttransport
Turkish: hava akımı
Ukrainian: рух повітря
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