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geological process

Dynamic actions or events that occur at the Earth's surface due to application of natural forces resulting from gravity, temperature changes, freezing and thawing, chemical reactions, seismic shaking, and the agencies of wind and moving water, ice and snow. Where and when a force exceeds the strength of the earth material, the material is changed by deformation, translocation, or chemical reactions. (Source: DUNSTE)
narrower terms
rising (geological)
  sedimentation (geology)
  seismic activity
related terms
geomorphic process
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LITHOSPHERE (soil, geological processes)
natural dynamics
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AGROVOC: Geological process
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UMTHES: Geologischer Prozess
Arabic: عملية جيولوجية
Basque: prozesu geologiko
Bulgarian: Геоложки процес
Catalan: procés geològic
Chinese: 地质过程
Croatian: geološki proces
Czech: proces geologický
Danish: geologiske processer
Dutch: geologische processen
English (US): geological process
Estonian: geoloogiline protsess
Finnish: geologiset prosessit
French: processus géologique
German: Geologischer Prozess
Greek: γεωλογικές διαδικασίες
Hungarian: földtani folyamat
Irish: próiseas geolaíoch
Italian: processi geologici
Latvian: ģeoloģiskais process
Lithuanian: geologinis procesas
Maltese: proċess ġeoloġiku
Norwegian: geologisk prosess
Polish: proces geologiczny
Portuguese: processos geológicos
Romanian: proces geologic
Russian: геологический процесс
Slovak: geologické procesy
Slovenian: geološki proces
Spanish: procesos geológicos
Swedish: geologiska processer
Turkish: jeolojik proses
Ukrainian: геологічний процес
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