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geomorphic process

The physical and chemical interactions between the Earth's surface and the natural forces acting upon it to produce landforms. The processes are determined by such natural environmental variables as geology, climate, vegetation and baselevel, to say nothing of human interference. The nature of the process and the rate at which it operates will be influenced by a change in any of these variables. (Source: WHIT)
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geological process
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LAND (landscape, geography)
natural dynamics
Arabic: عملية جيومورفولوجية
Basque: prozesu geomorfiko
Bulgarian: Геоморфен процес
Catalan: procés geomorfològic
Chinese: 地貌形成过程
Croatian: geomorfološki proces
Czech: proces geomorfologický
Danish: geomorfisk proces
Dutch: geomorfologische processen
English (US): geomorphic process
Estonian: geomorfoloogiline protsess
Finnish: geomorfinen prosessi
French: processus géomorphologique
German: Geomorphologischer Prozeß
Greek: γεωμορφική διαδικασία
Hungarian: geomorf folyamat
Irish: próiseas geomorfach
Italian: processi geomorfici
Latvian: ģeomorfoloģiskais process
Lithuanian: geomorfinis procesas
Maltese: proċess ġeomorfoloġiku
Norwegian: geomorfologisk prosess
Polish: proces geomorfologiczny
Portuguese: processo geomorfológico
Romanian: proces geomorfic
Russian: геоморфический процесс
Slovak: geomorfologické procesy
Slovenian: geomorfološki proces
Spanish: proceso geomórfico
Swedish: geomorfisk process
Turkish: jeomorfik proses
Ukrainian: геоморфічний процес
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