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A natural elevation of the land surface, rising rather prominently above the surrounding land, usually of limited extent and having a well-defined outline, rounded rather than peaked or rugged, with no specific definition of absolute elevation. (Source: BJGEO)
broader terms
mountainous area
Scope note:
scope note is not available
LAND (landscape, geography)
natural areas, landscape, ecosystems
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Arabic: تل
Basque: muino
Bulgarian: Хълм
Catalan: turó, pujol
Chinese: 山,山丘
Croatian: brdo
Czech: kopec
Danish: bakke
Dutch: heuvel
English (US): hill
Estonian: küngas; mägi
Finnish: kukkula
French: colline
German: Hügel
Greek: λόφος
Hungarian: hegy/domb
Irish: cnoc
Italian: collina
Latvian: pakalns; uzkalns
Lithuanian: kalva
Maltese: għolja
Norwegian: ås
Polish: wzgórze
Portuguese: colinas
Romanian: deal
Russian: холм
Slovak: pahorkatina
Slovenian: grič
Spanish: montes
Swedish: kulle
Turkish: tepe
Ukrainian: пагорб
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