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indigenous technology

Technologies employed by the native inhabitants of a country and which constitute an important part of its cultural heritage and should therefore be protected against exploitation by industrialized countries; the problem of indigenous knowledge has been discussed during the Rio Conference but it does not receive much protection under the Biodiversity Convention. Article 8 mandates that parties "respect, preserve and maintain knowledge, innovations and practices of indigenous and local communities embodying traditional life styles... and promote their wider application with the approval and involvement of holders of such knowledge, innovations and practices and encourage the equitable sharing of benefits arising from them". (Source: RRDA / WRES)
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environmental technology
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social aspects, population
Arabic: تكنولوجيا محلية
Basque: tokiko teknologia
Bulgarian: Местна технология
Catalan: tencologia nadiua
Chinese: 原住民科技,本土科技
Croatian: domaća tehnologija
Czech: technologie původní
Danish: indenlandsk teknologi
Dutch: inheemse technologie
English (US): indigenous technology
Estonian: omamaine tehnoloogia
Finnish: kotimainen teknologia
French: technologie indigène
German: Einheimische Technologie
Greek: εγχώρια τεχνολογία
Hungarian: őshonos technológia
Irish: teicneolaíocht dhúchasach
Italian: tecnologia indigena
Latvian: vides vietējās tehnoloģija
Lithuanian: vietinė technologija
Maltese: teknoloġija indiġena
Norwegian: lokal teknologi
Polish: prosta technologia
Portuguese: tecnologia indígena
Romanian: tehnologie autohtonă
Russian: технология, приемлемая для местных условий
Slovak: miestna / pôvodná technológia
Slovenian: domača tehnologija
Spanish: tecnología nativa
Swedish: inhemsk teknik
Turkish: yerli teknoloji
Ukrainian: технологія, прийнятна для місцевих умов
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