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A complex protein that is produced in response to the introduction of a specific antigen into an animal. Antibodies belong to a class of proteins called immunoglobins, which are formed by plasma cells in the blood as a defence mechanism against invasion by parasites, notably bacteria and viruses, either by killing them or rendering them harmless. (Source: ALL2)
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immune system
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BIOSPHERE (organisms, ecosystems)
human health
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UMTHES: Antikörper
Arabic: مضادات الأجسام
Basque: antigorputz
Bulgarian: Антитяло
Catalan: anticòs
Chinese: 抗体
Croatian: antitijelo
Czech: protilátka
Danish: antistof
Dutch: antilichaam
English (US): antibody
Estonian: antikeha
Finnish: vasta-aine
French: anticorps
German: Antikörper
Greek: αντίσωμα
Hungarian: antitest
Irish: antasubstaint
Italian: anticorpo
Latvian: antivielas
Lithuanian: antikūnas
Maltese: antikorp
Norwegian: antistoff
Polish: przeciwciała
Portuguese: anticorpos
Romanian: anticorp
Russian: антитело
Slovak: antigén
Slovenian: protitelo
Spanish: anticuerpo
Swedish: antikropp
Turkish: antikor
Ukrainian: антитіло
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