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ثاني أكسيد الكبريت

Definition: *
Emissions of the gas given off during the burning of fossil fuels in power stations and other boilers. Sulphur dioxide is created because sulphur is an impurity in most coal and oils. When the fuel is burned the hot sulphur reacts with oxygen in the atmosphere to form sulphur dioxide.
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broader terms
  أكسيد الكبريت
related terms
ملوث هواء غازي
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كيمياء، مواد، عمليات
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AGROVOC: Sulphur dioxide
EuroVoc: anhydride
EEA Determinant: Sulphur dioxide (SO2)
Wikipedia article
Sulfur dioxide
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UMTHES: Schwefel-Dioxid
Basque: sufre dioxido
Bulgarian: Серен диоксид
Catalan: diòxid de sofre
Chinese: 二氧化硫
Croatian: sumporni dioksid
Czech: oxid siřičitý
Danish: svovldioxid
Dutch: zwaveldioxide
English: sulphur dioxide
English (US): sulfur dioxide
Estonian: vääveldioksiid
Finnish: rikkidioksidi
French: dioxyde de soufre
German: Schwefeldioxid
Greek: διοξίδιο του θείου
Hungarian: kén-dioxid
Irish: dé-ocsaíd sulfair
Italian: diossido di zolfo
Latvian: sēra dioksīds
Lithuanian: sieros dioksidas
Maltese: dijossidu tal-kubrit
Norwegian: svoveldioksid
Polish: dwutlenek siarki
Portuguese: dióxido de enxofre
Romanian: dioxid de sulf
Russian: диоксид серы
Slovak: oxid siričitý
Slovenian: žveplov dioksid
Spanish: dióxido de azufre
Swedish: svaveldioxid
Turkish: sülfür dioksit
Ukrainian: діоксид сірки
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