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الشبكة العنكبوتية - شبكة المعلومات العالمية

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A graphical, interactive, hypertext information system that is cross-platform and can be run locally or over the global Internet. The Web consists of Web servers offering pages of information to Web browsers who view and interact with the pages. Pages can contain formatted text, background colors, graphics, as well as audio and video clips. Simple links in a Web page can cause the browser to jump to a different part of the same page or to a page on a Web server halfway around the world. Web pages can be used to send mail, read news, and download files. A Web address is called a URL.
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معلومات، تعليم، ثقافة، وعي بيئي
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AGROVOC: World Wide Web
Wikipedia article
World Wide Web
Basque: World Wide Web
Bulgarian: Световна уеб система
Catalan: World Wide Web
Chinese: 万维网
Czech: World Wide Web
Danish: World Wide Web (www)
Dutch: wereldwijde web
English: World Wide Web
English (US): World Wide Web
Estonian: veeb, WWW
Finnish: www
French: Web
German: World Wide Web
Greek: Παγκόσμιος Ιστός
Hungarian: világháló
Irish: an Gréasán Domhanda
Italian: World Wide Web
Latvian: globālais tīmeklis
Lithuanian: žiniatinklis
Maltese: World Wide Web
Norwegian: Verdensveven
Polish: baza danych WWW
Portuguese: World Wide Web
Romanian: web
Russian: Всемирная сеть
Slovak: World Wide Web
Slovenian: svetovni splet
Spanish: World Wide Web
Swedish: webb
Turkish: web, ağ
Ukrainian: Всесвітня мережа
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