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طبقات التربة

Definition: *
Distinctive successive layers of soil produced by internal redistribution processes. Conventionally the layers have been divided into A, B and C horizons. The A horizon is the upper layer, containing humus and is leached and/or eluviated of many minerals. The B horizon forms a zone of deposition and is enriched with clay minerals and iron/aluminium oxides from the A layer. The C layer is the parent material for the present soil and may be partially weathered rock, transported glacial or alluvial material or an earlier soil.
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broader terms
مقطع في التربة
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القشرة الأرضية (تربة، عمليات جغرافية)
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UMTHES: Bodenschicht
Basque: lurzoru-geruza
Bulgarian: Почвен слой
Catalan: capa del sòl
Chinese: 土层
Croatian: sloj tla
Czech: vrstva půdní
Danish: jordlag
Dutch: bodemlaag
English: soil layer
English (US): soil layer
Estonian: mullakiht
Finnish: maakerros
French: couches de sol
German: Bodenschicht
Greek: εδαφική στρώση
Hungarian: talajréteg
Irish: ciseal ithreach
Italian: orizzonti del suolo
Latvian: augsnes slānis
Lithuanian: dirvožemio sluoksnis
Maltese: saffi tal-ħamrija
Norwegian: jordlag
Polish: warstwa glebowa
Portuguese: camada de solo
Romanian: strat al solului
Russian: почвенный слой
Slovak: pôdna vrstva
Slovenian: talni horizont
Spanish: capas del suelo
Swedish: jordskikt
Turkish: toprak tabakaları
Ukrainian: ґрунтовий шар
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