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The waters of the Earth, as distinguished from the rocks (lithosphere), living things (biosphere), and the air (atmosphere). Includes the waters of the ocean; rivers, lakes, and other bodies of surface water in liquid form on the continents; snow, ice, and glaciers; and liquid water, ice, and water vapour in both the unsaturated and saturated zones below the land surface. Included by some, but excluded by others, is water in the atmosphere , which includes water vapour, clouds, and all forms of precipitation while still in the atmosphere.
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  hidrologinis ciklas
  vandens rezervuaras
  vandens telkinys
  vanduo (geografija)
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HIDROSFERA (gėlas vanduo, jūros vanduo, vandenys)
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UMTHES: Hydrosphäre
Arabic: المحيط المائي - الغلاف المائي للأرض
Basque: hidrosfera
Bulgarian: Хидросфера
Catalan: hidrosfera
Chinese: 水圈
Croatian: hidrosfera
Czech: hydrosféra
Danish: hydrosfære
Dutch: hydrosfeer
English: hydrosphere
English (US): hydrosphere
Estonian: hüdrosfäär
Finnish: vesikehä, hydrosfääri
French: hydrosphère
German: Hydrosphäre
Greek: υδρόσφαιρα
Hungarian: hidroszféra
Irish: hidrisféar
Italian: idrosfera
Latvian: hidrosfēra
Maltese: idrosfera
Norwegian: hydrosfære
Polish: hydrosfera
Portuguese: hidrosfera
Romanian: hidrosferă
Russian: гидросфера
Slovak: hydrosféra
Slovenian: hidrosfera
Spanish: hidrosfera
Swedish: hydrosfär
Turkish: hidrosfer
Ukrainian: гідросфера
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