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Definition: *
A sudden, widespread disaster or calamity that greatly exceeds the resources of an area or region.
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narrower terms
katastrofi ekoloġika
related terms
inċident gravi
Scope note:
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diżastri, inċidenti, riskju
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UMTHES: Katastrophe
Arabic: كارثة
Basque: katastrofe
Bulgarian: Катастрофа
Catalan: catàstrofe
Chinese: 灾难
Croatian: katastrofa
Czech: katastrofa
Danish: katastrofe
Dutch: ramp
English: catastrophe
English (US): catastrophe
Estonian: katastroof
Finnish: suurvahinko
French: catastrophe
German: Katastrophe
Greek: καταστροφή
Hungarian: katasztrófa
Irish: catastróf
Italian: catastrofe
Latvian: katastrofa
Lithuanian: katastrofa
Norwegian: katastrofe
Polish: katastrofa
Portuguese: catástrofes
Romanian: catastrofă
Russian: катастрофа
Slovak: katastrofa
Slovenian: katastrofa
Spanish: catástrofe
Swedish: katastrof
Turkish: felaket, afet
Ukrainian: катастрофа
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