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A group comprising parents, offsprings and others closely related or associated with them. (Source: LBC)
broader terms
social group
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social aspects, population
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EuroVoc: family
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UMTHES: Familie
Arabic: أسرة
Basque: familia
Bulgarian: Семейство
Catalan: família
Chinese: 家庭
Croatian: obitelj
Czech: rodina
Danish: familie
Dutch: familie
English (US): family
Estonian: sugukond; perekond
Finnish: perhe
French: famille
German: Familie
Greek: οικογένεια
Hungarian: család
Irish: teaghlach
Italian: famiglia
Latvian: ģimene
Lithuanian: šeima
Maltese: familja
Norwegian: familie (biologi)
Polish: rodzina
Portuguese: família
Romanian: familie
Russian: семья
Slovak: rodina
Slovenian: družina
Spanish: familia
Swedish: familj
Turkish: aile
Ukrainian: родина
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