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nature reserve

Areas allocated to preserve and protect certain animals and plants, or both. They differ from national park, which are largely a place for public recreation, because they are provided exclusively to protect species for their own sake. Endangered species are increasingly being kept in nature reserves to prevent them from extinction, particularly in India, Indonesia and some African countries. Natural reserves were used once to preserve the animals that landowners hunted, but, in the 19th century, they became places where animals were kept to prevent them from dying out. Special refuges and sanctuaries are also often designated to protect certain species or groups of wild animals or plants, especially if their numbers and distribution have been significantly reduced. They also serve as a place for more plentiful species to rest, breed or winter. Many parts of the world also have marine and aquatic reserves to protect different species of sea or freshwater plant and animal life. (Source: WRIGHT)
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European nature reserve
  integral natural reserve
  voluntary natural reserve
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natural areas protection
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LAND (landscape, geography)
environmental policy
natural areas, landscape, ecosystems
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AGROVOC: Nature reserves
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Nature reserve
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UMTHES: Naturschutzgebiet
Arabic: محمية طبيعية
Basque: natur erreserba
Bulgarian: Природен резерват
Catalan: reserva natural
Chinese: 自然保护区
Croatian: prirodni rezervat
Czech: rezervace přírodní
Danish: naturreservat
Dutch: natuurreservaat
English (US): nature reserve
Estonian: loodusreservaat
Finnish: luonnonsuojelualue
French: réserve naturelle
German: Naturschutzgebiet
Greek: φυσικό καταφύγιο (εκτροφείο θηραμάτων)
Hungarian: természetvédelmi terület
Irish: anaclann dúlra
Italian: riserva naturale
Latvian: dabas rezervāts
Lithuanian: gamtos rezervatas
Maltese: riżerva tan-natura
Norwegian: naturreservat
Polish: rezerwat przyrody
Portuguese: reservas naturais
Romanian: rezervaţie a naturii
Russian: природный заповедник
Slovak: prírodná rezervácia
Slovenian: naravni rezervat
Spanish: reservas naturales
Swedish: naturreservat
Turkish: doğal rezerv
Ukrainian: природний заповідник
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