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soil acidification

A naturally occurring process in humid climates that has long been the subject of research, whose findings suggest acid precipitation effects. The generally accepted impact of soil acidification on the productivity of terrestrial plants is summarised as follows: as soil becomes more acidic the basic cations (Ca, Mg) on the soil exchange are replaced by hydrogen ions or solubilized metals. The basic cation, now in solution, can be leached through the soil. As time progresses the soil becomes less fertile and more acidic. Resultant decreases in soil pH cause reduced, less-active population of soil microorganisms, which in turn slow decomposition of plant residues and cycling of essential plant nutrients. (Source: PARCOR)
broader terms
soil degradation
related terms
acid deposition
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Soil acidification
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UMTHES: Bodenversauerung
Arabic: تحميض التربة
Basque: lurzoruaren azidotze
Bulgarian: Киселинност на почвите
Catalan: acidificació del sòl
Chinese: 土壤酸化
Croatian: zakiseljivanje tla
Czech: acidifikace půdy
Danish: jordforsuring
Dutch: bodemverzuring
English (US): soil acidification
Estonian: mulla hapestumine
Finnish: maan happamoituminen
French: acidification des sols
German: Bodenversauerung
Greek: οξίνιση του εδάφους
Hungarian: talajsavasodás
Irish: aigéadú ithreach
Italian: acidificazione del suolo
Latvian: augsnes paskābināšanās
Lithuanian: dirvožemio rūgštėjimas
Maltese: aċidifikazzjoni tal-ħamrija
Norwegian: jordforsuring
Polish: zakwaszanie gleb
Portuguese: acidificação do solo
Romanian: acidifiere a solului
Russian: закисление почвы
Slovak: acidifikácia pôdy
Slovenian: zakisovanje tal
Spanish: acidificación de suelo
Swedish: markförsurning
Turkish: toprak asidifikasyonu
Ukrainian: закислення ґрунту
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