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Released on 2000-10-28

Registration to the autumn classes of the Eionet training programme is now open.

Classes include CIRCA/CIRCLE basic and advanced courses, Linux, and MySQL. The new features of CIRCA 2.2 are also explained.

Register on-line on the web pages of the EIONET Training Programme.

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> Sent: 23 October 2000 16:02
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> Subject: Eionet Training News (for EEA Newsletter and elsewhere)

New version of CIRCLE and related training

On 13 November, the EEA is planned to go into production with the new version 2.2 of CIRCLE. Changes from the current version are minor and mainly superficial. They can be viewed from /news/CIRCA_22_release

However, one important new feature, which changes some work practices, is self-registration of users. This means that any user from the Internet can now get an username and password automatically and then apply for memberships in Interest Groups. In order to make best use of this increased functionality, the existence of all Interest Groups should be made transparent to Internet. Of course, access to the content is still controllable by the Interest Group Leaders, as it has always been.

There will be CIRCLE training on Friday 17 November in the EEA conference room given by the company European Dynamics. In the morning at 10-12:30 a course for basic users is given. Everyone in the EEA should possess the skills taught here. In the afternoon at 14-16:30 the training continues for Interest Group Leaders and advanced users, where the implications of the new self-registration practice also are discussed.

Other classes include Linux (7/11), MySQL (8/11), and Eionet data flow 16/11). These courses are useful for all EEA/Eionet project managers, and an equivalent knowledge is required from all future ETC Data Managers.

More information and registration are available through the pages of the Eionet training programme

Hannu Saarenmaa