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eEIONET work conference 2003

Released on 2003-08-11

Dear Colleagues and potentially interested participants:

It is time again for the yearly e-EIONET work conference, which is the meeting of EEA's network and other interested parties to discuss the issues around building the proper infrastructure for the electronic exchange of environmental data and information. This year the conference will take place in Sofia, Bulgaria, and aim at reflecting the new situation which EEA together with its member countries and cooperating countries is in:

  • A wider network addressing pan-European environmental issues, is faced with a lot of new challenges.
  • Bridging the gap between envrionmental data needed and environmental data reported is an issue and will be further addressed in the coming years through different means - this work-conference shall contribute to that.
  • Technologies are emerging and EEA/EIONET has with Reportnet introduced a powerful system to contribute to streamlined data exchange and data harmonisation in the context of a European Environmenal Information Sytem.
  • With more and more data and information being more systematically used in EEA's products, the role of the data service as a place for handling European data is growing and needs more recognition.

Given these boundary conditions, there are new challenges for people working in the field.

Please register through the web-site at eEIONET work-conference 2003

The deadline for late registration of non-reimbursed particpants is 10th of September 2003.