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Review of draft report: Eurowaternet-Emissions

Released on 2002-06-19

Picture of sewage The draft report: 'Eurowaternet-Emissions - A European inventory of emissions to water: proposed operational methodology' has been produced by ETC Water. For EIONET reviewers, the document is available on CIRCLE in the Interest Group for EIONET Water under the library section ETC Water products for EIONET review. [Login is required.]

The report proposes a methodology for the collection of emission data to water for EEA assessment and reporting purposes. The methodology takes account of all present reporting requirements on emissions to water. It forms the basis for future Eurowaternet data collection on emissions to water and is meant to provide guidelines for EEA member countries.

Please find more information in the cover letter available on CIRCLE.
The deadline for comments is: 10 July 2002

In case of difficulties with accessing the document: please contact EIONET Helpdesk.