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Reportek is the software for the collections, envelopes and documents on CDR. It is a Zope module. Tested on Zope 2.4.1 to 2.6.4. You can install it on a fresh Zope, or as a folder in any existing website. The SmallObligations product is for those who don't want to interface with ROD but have their own localities or obligations to deliver for. This means Reportek version 1.2 and higher can handle regions as well as country deliveries. README for Reportek.

The SmallObligations product is very limited. If you need something fancier, then you must do some work yourself. At least you can use SmallObligations as a template. Here is the README file.


Reportek-1-5.tgz Reportek-1-5.tgz 2004/11/05
NoLocalizer-0-1.tgz NoLocalizer-0-1.tgz 2004/11/04
PyXML-0.8.3.tar.gz PyXML-0.8.3.tar.gz 2004/11/04
iHotfix-python21.tgz iHotfix-python21.tgz 2004/11/04
Localizer-1-1-0.tgz Localizer-1-1-0.tgz 2004/11/04
itools-python21.tgz itools-python21.tgz 2004/11/04
SmallObligations-1-2.tgz SmallObligations-1-2.tgz 2004/07/06
Reportek-1-4.tgz Reportek-1-4.tgz 2004/07/05
Reportek-1-3.tgz Reportek-1-3.tgz 2004/05/03
SmallObligations-1-1p1.tgz Version 1.1 patch 1 2004/03/01
SmallObligations-1-1.tgz SmallObligations-1-1.tgz 2004/02/27
SmallObligations-1-0.tgz SmallObligations version 1.0 2003/11/07
Reportek-1-2.tgz Reportek version 1.2 2003/11/07
Reportek-1-1.tgz Reportek-1-1.tgz 2003/06/26
Reportek-1-0.tgz Reportek-1-0.tgz 2003/02/19
When you have downloaded the package, you can find installation instructions in the README file.

Send comments, patches and questions to Søren Roug, European Environment Agency.