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Technical workshop meeting on emissions from aviation and maritime transport

At the COP12/MOP2 in Nairobi, November 2006, Norway invited Parties to a technical workshop on bunker fuels issues. This workshop will take place in Oslo 4-5 October 2007. The European Environment Agency (EEA) ( will assist Norway in arranging the workshop.

The overall aims of the workshop are:

To meet those objectives a broad participation of experts involved in technical issues linked to emissions from international shipping and aviation - from industrialized as well as from non-industrialized countries – is essential. To announce your interest of participating click on the “sign up” button and then use the button “Register and signup”. We will send then you further details on the workshop.

Due to limitations of the facilities the organizers take the right to, if necessary, limit the number of participants.

Date Thursday 04-Oct-2007 09:00 to 05-Oct-2007 15:00
VenueHolmenkollen, Oslo
Organiser European Environment Agency

Background material

20071005 (PAGODA EEA Workshop Oslo) SM.ppt (2007/10/11)
A Stochniol - Data requirements and reporting in charge-and-cap IMERS (2).ppt (2007/10/11)
A Oslo Jane Hupe 04 October 2oct.ppt (2007/10/11)
AK Pres UNFCCC, EEA, Int av emissions calc, 05Oct07.pdf (AK Pres UNFCCC, EEA, Int av emissions calc, 05Oct07.pdf) (2007/10/16)
Aviation in Korea-Jo.ppt (2007/10/11)
Bahamas Technical workshop.ppt (2007/10/11)
Bunker fuels_UNFCCC.ppt (2007/10/11)
Canada Aviation Methods RSMckibbon Oslo 07.ppt (2007/10/11)
Conclusions of the workshop.doc (2007/10/11)
Deuber - approaches for seperating domestic and int aviation -final.ppt (2007/10/11)
EEA Reporting 2007-10-04.ppt (2007/10/11)
EEA Workshop-Buhaug-IMO index.ppt (2007/10/11)
EEA_endre25_fin.ppt (2007/10/11)
ESV Oslo 4 Oct 2007.ppt (2007/10/11)
Erhebung Emissionen_Luftverkehr_fuer BAFU Romero_070928_rit.ppt (2007/10/11)
Eyring_ShipEmissions_OsloOct2007.pdf (2007/10/22)
Faber_Oslo_20071005_text.ppt (2007/10/11)
France Aviation_FR_oct07.ppt (2007/10/11)
GHG input from Japan.ppt (2007/10/11)
Girardin - Oslo October 4th 2007.ppt (2007/10/11)
Greenhouse gas emissions from shipping 041007.ppt (2007/10/11)
IEA workshopbunkers.ppt (2007/10/11)
IPCC methodologies and reporting principles.ppt (2007/10/11)
Link to IISD report.doc (2007/10/11)
List-of-participants.doc (2007/10/11)
OSLO DSLee FAST aviation emissions v1-0 10-07.pdf (2007/10/22)
OSLO DSLee aviation and shipping RF impacts a1-0 10-07.pdf (2007/10/22)
Opening address State Secretary Westhrin.doc (2007/10/11)
Oslo-Lee-Oct2.ppt (2007/10/11)
Oslo_09_07_28.ppt (2007/10/11)
Program.doc (2007/10/11)
Reidar_EEA_Workshop_OSLO_2007-10-04.ppt (2007/10/11)
Shipping and CO2 presentation October 2007.ppt (2007/10/11)
Switzerland Erhebung Emissionen_Luftverkehr_fuer BAFU Romero_070928_rit.ppt (2007/10/11)
US GHG Inventory overview slides_Mil-Bunker_Oct-4_v1.ppt (2007/10/11)
jg Data needs in future GHG emission control regimes.ppt (2007/10/11)
jg comparison Eurcontrol GHG inventories v2.ppt (2007/10/11)