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Eionet activities

NFP/Eionet meetings

NFP/Eionet group meetings are one of the main forums for Agency/Eionet stakeholders, focusing on the operational aspects of Eionet. The results of these meetings are fed into EEA Management Board meetings to provide support to the decision-making process at the policy level. The NFP/Eionet meetings discuss generic issues such as:

  1. Information and status reports on progress in various key areas of development
  2. Discussions on items referred to the Bureau and Management Board for decision
  3. How to increase EEA support, impact and visibility among member countries (tools, guidelines, publications/web development, dissemination, translations, launches, joint events etc.)
  4. Actions necessary to enhance the role and contribution of Eionet in relation to major EU and European initiatives, and possible ways to improve cooperation with other relevant networks.

NFP/Eionet meetings are held three times a year, usually in Copenhagen. The NFPs are the key participants at these meetings.

The Eionet Planner

The Eionet Planner represents an interactive tool that helps to Eionet members to keep a track of EEA activities and services requiring their input. The Eionet Planner contains a summary work plan informing national Eionet networks of the timing in relation to Agency projects for which they need to make resources available. Through the Planner the countries are being informed on activities in advance so that NRCs or other experts can be available to attend workshops, review Agency products or respond to data requests.