Account services

Your password

The Eionet password expires two years after it was last changed.

Untrusted certificate?

The Globalsign root certificate is not preinstalled in all webbrowsers.

Do you see this message?

The digital signature on this message is invalid because there are problems with the certificate accompanying this message.

Then you can do one of two things: 1) explicitly trust the certificate, or 2) download and install the Globalsign root certificate.

Click on the Globalsign root certificate image, Certificate icon and you will be asked to open or save it.

screendump Choose open. It is not software, it is a small file containing a declaration of trust.

screendump First you see the certificate you have downloaded. You can click on the "Details" tab, to see the contents. The "Thumbprint" value must be "21:49:D6:2F:97:B3:B1:1A:39:33:45:41:D2:E5:EA:A1:52:9D:B2:5F" for it to be authentic. Click Install.

screendump Click Next.

screendump Click Next.

screendump Click Finish.

screendump And now all future encounters with EEA certified services are automatically trusted.