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Evaluation of data deliveries from Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (70%)

Data flow Delivery Reported Score Remark
AQ IPR/E1a: Information on primary validated assessment data Primary observations 2016 - MK 2017-09-18 4 Timely delivery. All tests passed.
AQ IPR/E2a: Information on primary up-to-date assessment data 2 Timely delivery. Basic test passed. Additional tests failed.
CDDA: Nationally designated areas CDDA-MK-2017 2017-03-09 4 Timely delivery. All tests passed.
CLRTAP: Air emission annual data reporting CLRTAP data_2017 sumbission 2017-02-15 4 Timely delivery. All tests passed.
E-PRTR: Art. 7 data reporting N/A Not applicable or voluntarily reporting country.
GHG/UNFCCC: Greenhouse gas inventories GHG Inventory 1990-2014 April 2017 2017-04-12 0 Delivery not in format expected

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Historical results for the period 2000-2016