European Environmental Outlook 2005: Background document air quality 1990-2030 ETC/ACC Technical Paper 2005/02

01 Aug 2005

Iulian Petchesi

This report provides an overview and assessment of the air pollution situation in Europe from 1990-2030, based on indicators for underlying sectoral driving forces, emissions, air quality, deposition and the effectiveness of policies and measures.

The information presented in this report is to be used as background information for the State of the Environment and Outlook Report 2005 (SoEOR2005) of the European Environment Agency (EEA). In particular, the report provides the technical background information on the first set of scenario calculations performed by the European Topic Centre on Air and Climate Change (ETC/ACC) in support of the sub-reports 7 “European Environment Outlook” and 6 “Climate Change, Air Quality and transition pathways to a low-carbon European energy system” of the SoEOR2005.

The information is also to be expected to be of use for the Clean Air for Europe (CAFE) programme, a thematic strategy under the EU sixth environmental action programme. The first part of the report on observed trends will also serve to satisfy the requirement of a regular European air quality assessment by the Exchange of Information Decision.

The report contains detailed background information on the trend and projection of the European air quality as well as an analysis of those calculations. Indicators are presented for Europe and occasionally for individual countries and when relevant for the global scale.

Prepared by: Hans Eerens, Dora Petroula, Addo van Pul, Rob Swart, Leendert van Bree, Jean-paul Hettelingh, Frank de Leeuw (RIVM/MNP); Janusz cofala, Rafal Cabala, Zbigniew Klimont, Wolfgang Schoepp (IIASA); Liana Kalognomou, Nicolas Moussiopoulos, Zissis Samaras, Myrto Giannouli,Sofia Eleftheriadou and Giorgos Mellios (AUTh); Steinar Larssen, Kevin Barret (NILU); Leonor Tarrason, Jan Eiof Jonson (MET.NO); Frank Dentener, Rita van Dingenen, Maarten Krol (JRC-Ispra); Martin Adams (AEA-T)

Published by: ETC/ACC, Bilthoven, NL, Aug. 2005, 207 pp.