QA/QC checks on air quality data in AIRBASE and on the EoI2004 data - Procedures and results ETC/ACC Technical Paper 2005/3

06 Oct 2005

Iulian Petchesi

This report describes the quality control/quality assurance (QA/QC) process in the Exchange of Information concerning the national air quality measurement data reporting flow. It focusses on the quality of the measurement data delivered under the Exchange of Information (Council Decision 97/101/EC (EoI)) as well.
(The yearly EoI Technical report (Buijsman et al, 2004; Mol et al, 2005) deals with the meta information (networks, stations and measurement configurations) as reported by countries under the EoI.

In this QA/QC report both the quality procedures and the results of the quality checks are described. In 2004 two quality checks on AIRBASE have been executed: one on phantom stations and one on PM10 correction factors. Then the data delivered in the framework of the EoI2004 were quality checked. All quality checks are reported to the data suppliers, with the request to provide feedback. The response to that was very high. The quality of AIRBASE has been improved considerably.
Next year (2006), the results of the feedback actions will be published on the web site, while a summary will be included in the EoI2005 Technical report. The QA/QC procedures will be recorded in a separate document.

Prepared by: Wim Mol and Patrick van Hooydonk (ETC/ACC)

Publication Date: September 2005