European air quality mapping 2005 including uncertainty analysis ETC/ACC Technical Paper 2007/7

14 Mar 2008

Iulian Petchesi

Prepared by: Jan Horálek1, Peter de Smet2, Frank de Leeuw2, Bruce Denby3, Rob Swart2, Pavel Kurfürst 1

1Czech Hydro Meteorological Institute (CHMI), Czech Republic
2Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (MNP), The Netherlands
3Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU), Norway

Published by: ETC/ACC, January 2008, 155 pp. (Main report p.1-63, Annexes p.65-155)

(Erratum: In Figure 3.1, PM10 annual average 2005, the stations are assigned with the wrong colour classes.
The correct figure one can find as TIFF figure.

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