Centralised and national submissions of transport emissions ETC/ACC Technical Paper 2009/11

02 Feb 2010

Iulian Petchesi

The main objectives of the study were to quantify the differences between the officially-reported data and that calculated using a ‘centralised’ approach, to understand the origins of the differences, and where relevant, to propose methods to correct any anomalies. The ‘centralised’ dataset used in this report will be the main input to the new TREMOVE road transport model version being prepared. Preliminary results from the work have already been presented at the joint EIONET/TFEIP air emissions meeting back in May 2009.

Further to the summary figures and tables included in this technical paper, the ETC/ACC has prepared a number of country-specific spreadsheets that present the input data used in the COPERT4 model. These are available from http://adonis.meng.auth.gr/centralized using the password ‘ETC-ACC’ (case-sensitive).

Comments back to the ETC/ACC are most welcomed and should be addressed to Dr Leonidas Ntziachristos (leon@auth.gr) with copy to EEA (martin.adams@eea.europa.eu).

Prepared by: ETC/ACC members Giorgos Mellios, Thomas Papageorgiou and Leonidas Ntziachristos (AUTh - LAT, GR).

Published by: ETC/ACC, December 2009, 21 pp.