E-PRTR Review Report 2009 on the 2007 E-PRTR dataset ETC/ACC Technical Paper 2009/15

21 Apr 2010

Iulian Petchesi

This is the report of the first informal E‐PRTR data review that was carried out in 2009 and covers the reporting year 2007. It has to be pointed out that this first E‐PRTR review does not constitute a formal review as required by Article 17 of the E‐PRTR Regulation. While some of the data review checks performed may be useful as an input for the future review in accordance with Article 17, this informal review has not been specifically developed to serve this purpose.

The main objective of this report is to provide summary information on the 2009 review process and on the review findings. Detailed results of automated stage 1 test were provided to countries on 18 August 2009 in form of country specific Excel tables and Word files. In addition, ETC/ACC performed stage 1 tests for all countries on the database from 25 September. All review results can be downloaded from CIRCA by authorized users. The more detailed results of the stage 2 review were provided to the EEA and all countries in form of Excel files.

Prepared by:
ETC/ACC(1): Mareckova, Nicole Mandl, Stephan Poupa, Katrin Seuss, Ute Kutschera;
ETC/SCP(2): Christian Fischer and Claus Davidsen

(1) European Environment Agency’s European Topic
(2) Centre Air and Climate Change European Topic Centre for Sustainable Consumption and Production

Published by: ETC/ACC, January 2010, 155 pp.