Particle number (PNC) and black carbon (BC) in European urban air quality networks ETC/ACM Technical Paper 2012/6

04 Feb 2013

Iulian Petchesi

This report summarizes and critically evaluates the status of European monitoring of PNC and EBC, in order to provide input to the debate on future air quality monitoring in Europe. This debate should enable improvements in evaluating status and trends in air quality-related health risks and the effects of policies and measures established to protect human health.

Prepared by: ETC/ACM members Mar Viana1, Xavier Querol1, Andrés Alastuey1, Cristina Reche1, Olivier Favez2, Laure Malherbe2, Aurélien Ustache2, Alena Bartonova3, Hai‐Ying Liu3, Cristina Guerreiro3.
1 IDAEA‐CSIC, Spain; 2 INERIS, France; 3 NILU, Norway

Published by: ETC/ACM, January 2013, 105 pp.