Air Implementation Pilot: Assessing the modelling activities ETC/ACM Technical Paper 2013/4

05 Jun 2013

Iulian Petchesi

Twelve cities were selected and invited to join the project: Antwerp (Belgium), Berlin (Germany), Bucharest (Romania), Dublin (Ireland), Madrid (Spain), Malmö (Sweden), Milan (Italy), Paris (France), Plovdiv (Bulgaria), Prague (Czech Republic), Vienna (Austria) and Vilnius (Lithuania).

This paper provides a description of the model applications addressed by the cities, illustrating the type of models applied, the input data employed and the strong and weak points encountered in the application of air quality models. This document does not provide precise recommendations on the application of models but focuses on the experiences of these cities when applying these models.

Prepared by: ETC/ACM Consortium members Núria Castell, Bruce Rolstad Denby, Cristina Guerreiro (NILU).

Published by: ETC/ACM, May 2013, 68 pp.