Reporting of pledges for the protected areas target

The purpose of this web page is to provide the technical supporting material for the reporting of pledges for protected areas.

What is the context of this reporting?

In May 2020, the European Commission adopted a new EU Biodiversity Strategy setting out a comprehensive package of actions and commitments to redouble Europe's efforts to protect and restore biodiversity by 2030. The first pillar of the Biodiversity Strategy deals with the protection of nature in the EU.

Pillar I: Protecting Nature in the EU - key commitments by 2030:
  1. Legally protect a minimum of 30% of the EU’s land area and 30% of the EU’s sea area and integrate ecological corridors, as part of a true Trans-European Nature Network.
  2. Strictly protect at least a third of the EU’s protected areas, including all remaining EU primary and old-growth forests.
  3. Effectively manage all protected areas, defining clear conservation objectives and measures, and monitoring them appropriately.

Following the publication of the relevant Commission Guidance in 2021, Member States submit their national pledges by the end of 2022. Thereafter, the Member States’ pledges will be reviewed in the biogeographical seminars to be organised by the Commission during the first half of 2023.

How will the pledges be technically reported ?

The Member States will report their pledges via the EEA's Reportnet 3.0. The following pages provide the technical guidance documents for the reporting as well as frequently asked questions and answers related to the reporting process.