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Nationally designated areas - CDDA dashboards

CDDA reporting status Status of reporting with deadline 15. March 2021
CDDA internal overview For EEA/ETC internal purpose 
CDDA country overview Overview on nationally designated protected areas per country
CDDA Barometer Overview on the most relevant statistics on nationally designated areas with focus on EU and pan-european level, but also including statistics per country. 
Share of designated terrestrial protected areas This dashboard shows the share of designated protected areas for a) CDDA only, b) CDDA and Natura 2000/Emerald combined, c) Natura 2000 / Emerald only
IUCN management categories in protected areas This dashboard shows the share of IUCN management categories for CDDA sites overlapping Natura2000 sites


last update: 2020-02-21,

Art12 & Art17 data included; 

To see Art12 only set filter for group = birds

last update: 2020-04-30,

last update: 2020-02-21,

last update: 2020-02-27